The Tao of Poop: Meth in the White House

vanjonesweb_resized400X266As Independents and moderate Democrats take to the hills faster than a California brush fire, Barack Obama is becoming to the Liberal elite media, what honey is to a bear: Something they love to lap up, but at the end of the day, if you have too much, it actually makes you sick.

If you wonder why they’ve avoided any significant reporting on the brotha’ from another planet, Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality and founder of Green for All, an advocacy group that works to bring green jobs to the underprivileged, and author of The Green Collar Economy (or any of Obama’s other “Czars”), it’s because, frankly, they don’t really know what to say.  I mean, they are truly dumbfounded!  His credentials LOOKED good!

Van “hoof-in-mouth” Jones has openly spewed his contempt for the United States for years and yet not one Liberal spoke up when he was appointed by Obama.  The silence from the Left is deafening following Jones’ latest gaffe.  Not even Pelosi, who opens her mouth more than a frog in a fly factory, has uttered a word in his defense.

Not enough that he supported the killer of police officers.  Not enough that he is crazy enough to openly back the belief that President Bush was responsible for the 9/11 tragedy.  Not enough that he publicly called a significant portion of the United States population “assholes.”  Not enough that he called a living President of the United States a “crack head.”  These acts and statements make him fit to serve as advisor to the man who holds the highest position in our country?  Somebody’s on Meth in the White House!

According to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, Jones “continues to work in the administration.” Why?  If ANYONE in the Bush Administration had been so openly stupid every media outlet on the planet would have been demanding a resignation.  Jones said: “If I have offended anyone with statements I made in the past, I apologize.”  Okaaay…

Day after day the leftist media outlets are seeing that Obama is truly a deceitful, America-hating supporter of not just one racist (Reverend Wright); not just one Communist (William Ayers); but has managed to subjugate the Constitution and illegally surround himself with a cadre of presidential “appointees” who make Stalin look like the Olson twins in comparison.   

From his stance on creating a “culture of death” to his gangsta’ takeover of healthcare, the Liberal media is finally discovering that the “man of change” they paraded to the American public and stuffed down our throats, is actually a horror they helped to unleash. And for that they have no excuse.  How do you back pedal from a monumental mistake like this? 

You don’t!  You ignore it and pretend that it isn’t happening.  You find the best turd in this pile of s**t and act like it’s the best thing since the cable television.  You parade, before an ever enlightened public, every pitiable person with a sob story to tell in this burning heap to try and make it look like “your guy” is actually doing something good.  At least that’s what you do if you have NO scruples and NO morals yourself.  Welcome to mainstream media!

When supposed “legitimate and unbiased” observers like Eva Paterson, president and founder of the Equal Justice Society, a group known to support liberal views, reports in the Huffington Post (a decidedly liberal blog) that Jones has apologized; changed his radical ways and is the subject of unwarranted conservative attacks, I only need look to his most recent video and read HIS own words.

It is little wonder that people no longer wish to pay to read mainstream media tripe and newspapers are fading faster than Madonna’s looks.  If mainstream television news continues on its present path, it will likely see a similar demise. Katie who?

The very thing the Obama Administration purports to cure (partisan politics, racism, cultural division), it actually supports; using the bully pulpit, subversion and oppression in an attempt to silence the opposition. 

And the Liberal media is either too afraid or too stupid to speak out against it or even report on it.  So, what makes this Administration so special?  Nothing at all — except the president is a Black man!  And to speak out against him makes you a racist!

History is rife with tin-can dictators (and their media supporters) who believe that 51% is enough to make the rest of us into mindless slaves incapable of rising up.  But they’ve been wrong before and they are wrong today.  Just watch the tumbling polls and be prepared for 2010 and a one-term president named Barack Hussein Obama who will depart the White House in 2012!


It’s Not Easy Going Green

If Sustainable Living is the new Buzz Word for this Millenium then Going Green is its bastard child.  

There is no question that if we are to continue to exist on this planet; with a modicum of comfort-ability; something must change.  We need a new attitude to produce a New Earth.

Thinking about Solar and Alternative Energy sources give most folks a headache.  And the idea of Going Green in your home can be both daunting and expensive if you face the task without solid advice and guidance.

Herein lies the dilemma:  Most people support the idea of saving the planet, but have no clue sd to how to implement the changes necessary to Go Green. 

For you who are over tired, over taxed and over it all, we provide the top fifteen  things they can do to move boldly and confidently into a Green lifestyle:

  1. Adopt one Green Living practice per month.
  2. Think globally – buy locally!
  3. Take advantage of natural light whenever possible.
  4. It’s not that hard to build one.
  5. Use natural flooring but do consider carpet tiles which are easy to replace where there’s damage and have a longer life than roll carpet.
  6. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. The quickest way you can save energy is just to swap out your light bulbs.
  7. If you can, use your own cloth bags; even better!
  8. Service your HVAC system at least every two years and replace filters with each season.
  9. For every chemical, there is a natural alternative.
  10. In the summer, shut down your drier and hang your clothes on a line.  Nature smells better!
  11. Plan your driving trips carefully; make them linear.
  12. Grow your own.  Plant a garden!
  13. Don’t throw it away… donate it!
  14. Lower your water use by lowering your flushing!
  15. Recycle cans.  Recycle plastic.  Recycle paper.  Recycle your mind.  Just recycle!

And there you have it!    There is so much more that you can do, but we can begin here and move forward towards A New Earth!