If I had to give myself a religious tag, it would be “Christian.”    I didn’t come here to argue the point.  I am not about to debate my Christianity.  I didn’t come here to compromise — I came to take over!

I believe in the God of the Bible. And I believe in every, single contradictory word.  I am a woman of Faith.  I pray EVERY day! 

I believe that there is a process where God talks to His creation and communicates to man what he/she is expected to do.  If life is the journey, then being righteous means following the right road to the path of wisdom.

Righteousness means using knowledge and understanding to walk in the “Good Way” that has been chosen for us.   When we drive on a highway, we can travel at high speeds in relative comfort and security, if we are careful to stay with in our bounds.   Death and destruction result from erratic, reckless driving—or careless living.

My goal here, is to illuminate the path of Life that leads away from death and destruction.  If you can’t handle that — then this road is not for you.  Only the brave may follow — cowards, pull over to the side.  We are passing you by!


2 thoughts on “Soul Food

  1. I am a monotheist.
    I believe in one God.
    I hope that you do too!

    I enjoy discussing the meaning of existence and the process of right thinking and proper living.
    Wisdom,as I understand it,is the correct use of knowledge. I do not see wisdom as a destination,but more of a state of being.
    The way to this is different for each individual, and I am not sure that a predefined right way exists. I do agree that there are fundamental universal laws that exist,whether or not they are adhered to or even acknowledged by humans.
    The universe,God, exists ,even if man does not.

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