All About Me

I am a marketing maven, a pr pro, a branding wizard, a strategic and organizational genius and I can turn a phrase like nobody’s business!

I was born to be a communicator and that gift has always managed to combine itself with my natural leadership and creative abilities to make me a “triple threat.”  So, whether I’m writing copy; ghosting books and articles; speaking, teaching or singing; creating, coordinating and managing events, commercials and meetings; or researching and determining strategy, when I’m transforming dreams and ideas into reality,I am in my element.

I don’t just love my profession, I live, eat, sleep and breathe it.  I use my creative voices to give my clients and associates a voice!  And I am very good at what I do.    Only my God and my son Gabriel top my doing what I was born to do:  Communicate ideas!

But, I didn’t start out that way.    First, I was an avid reader.  Until I was about nine years old, I was one of those “hide behind Mommy’s skirt” kids.  I wasn’t exactly shy, but it took time for me to warm up to people.  So, as a child, I hid myself within the pages of treasured fairtytales, time-tested classics and poetry.

I can still see myself at the top of the stairs at my Aunt Irene’s house during the weekly family barbecue, reading Aesop’s Fables while the chatter and laughter of my siblings and cousins anchored me on earth.  At the top of those stairs is where I could be found each and every Saturday.   And there I would stay for hours until my Mother finally summoned me to the table to eat.

I wrote my first serious short story (which I still have in a box somewhere) before I was 12.  It was about a large rock that my Dad had placed at the end of the driveway to keep drivers off of the grass.  I got an A++.  At 13, I hosted the Senior Talent Show in highschool dressed fashionably in a neon green corduroy jumpsuit and white platform tennis shoes.  (Give me a break!  It was the 70’s!!) My Barbie ditched her pink Cadillac to become the first female Officer during the Vietnam War.

By the time I was 16, I had a full portfolio of short storys, poetry and music that I had written.  In 1986, I went to work for Rowland Public Relations in New York City and there I learned from some of the best minds in the business.  In 1992, I took Knight Owl Communications to Tampa, Florida and expanded into handling non-profits, charitable organizations, community and government relations.

Despite my muted beginnings, today, I never turn down a chance to voice my opinion whether it’s as a regular panelist on PBS’s “Florida This Week”, a seminar speaker, or teaching classes in Fasting and Prayer.  I was even featured in a 20/20 piece Religion in America and in the St. Pete Times in an article focusing on “Satisfied Singles.”   My favorite topics to speak on are Public Relations and Marketing: Beyond the Year 2010; Making Money in the Age of Collaborative Networks; Blacks and Politics in the New Century and Social Enterprise: A Return on Investment for Your Charitable Giving.

I recently got certified as a “Green” Consultant and will be adding this coveted sector of education to my role count of services!  As a former California hippie, I feel like I’m going back to my roots in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


I am a advocate and speaker for the American Heart Association’s Search Your Heart program as well as A Clean and Sober World, Cover the Uninsured, We Care Services, and Operation: Open Hearts; speaking in Black churches throughout our region about the connection between obesity, diabetes and heart disease and strokes; health care for the uninsured and social services for the elderly, disabled and recently released felons — adults and teens.

I have sat on several corporate and University boards, and worked with the Juvenile Justice System and after-care for felons, to re-train them for re-entry into society. One of my specialties is Social Enterprise — developing “for-profit” businesses for non-profits to create revenue streams other than donations and grants.

My Philosophies:

The only thing that separate the girls from the boys — are their choices in toys! It is through the testing of our faith, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our friendships, increasing the worth of our human connections, and learning to forgive — that we find the path to true happiness. Money doesn’t grow on trees — But then — you can’t climb money can you? If it’s hidden in your heart — and you can’t let it out — then it’s a lie. Be true to yourself.

As is usual with the runners of the human race, there are good days and bad days. As we are passing through some minor storms — we must be headed fully into a sunrise. Ahead of me the sky is so bright and blinding that I can hardly see. Behind me are gray storm clouds dissolving. Over me is a rainbow.

So, there it is – Me!


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