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Wedding Cakes, Photos and Pizza: A Simple Lesson in History and Civil Rights!

You have the right to spend your money where you want and on what you want. I have the right to refuse to take your money and send you to someone who wants it. Seriously, if I saw a sign that said, “No Blacks Allowed,” I would go someplace else, just like they did pre-Civil Rights.

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Reaching Out to Reach the Top!

Originally posted on Boss Women:
Doing good for others should be come an integral part of your life’s repertoire! Along with finding positivity in everything, no matter how bad it…

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What’s Your Boiling Point?

What’s Your Boiling Point?.

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Critical Thinking: The Other National Deficit

Yesterday, someone messaged a meme to my inbox on Facebook and without even questioning it, I reposted and retweeted! Shortly thereafter, someone responded with a calling my meme an … Continue reading

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The Measure of a Man: A Non-discussion of Race in America

Earlier today, someone expressed disappointment because I described another person on a social network as ‘some white guy.’   I referred to him as ‘some white guy’ because I didn’t appreciate … Continue reading

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Acid-head Flashbacks to a Time That Never Was

Dealing with most Left-wing Liberals and Obama Progressives is like being on a roller coaster ride during a bad LSD trip!  It is sure to be a memorable and frightening time; … Continue reading

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The Tao of Poop: Meth in the White House

As Independents and moderate Democrats take to the hills faster than a California brush fire, Barack Obama is becoming to the Liberal elite media, what honey is to a bear: … Continue reading

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What Will You Do For Love?

Gabriel and I have been in Atlanta for nearly 4 months now.  It is by far the biggest transition I have ever made in my life.  I have moved to … Continue reading

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Is American Freedom Obsolete?

Fresh off the latest leg of his “World-Wide America Apology Tour” Barack Obama has told the Universe that America is NOT a Christian nation — but it IS a Muslim … Continue reading

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Lady Liberty’s Bloody Nose

Barack Hussein Obama keeps telling us that he loves America and Lady Liberty.   So why, after everyone of his foreign speeches, do I feel like I’ve been kicked in the chin?  … Continue reading

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